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19 + years of success, presence in 10 + locations and 3000 + projects online, we are still hungry for more!
Our job – Meridian Solutions Inc define it as creating engaging digital experiences with smart ideas, creative thinking and evolving technologies!

We believe that the world deserves smarter ideas!
Meridian Solutions Inc brings them to you…

Meridian Solutions Inc is a Digital Marketing Agency. We make it our business how you connect with people and our rewards are projects that reward our clients.

Meridian Solutions Inc aims in empowering the brands to connect, engage and build sustained relationships with their consumers online. Leveraging web-based technologies we serve up digital solutions on not just the mobile and tablet platforms but outdoor digital installations as well.

Meridian Solutions Inc at a glance

Our job – We define it as creating engaging digital experiences with smart ideas, creative thinking and evolving technologies!


Successful Projects



19 +


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Client Satisfaction



We make ideas happen! Bringing an idea to life needs hard work. Our full-service team of strategists, designers, and technologists think digital to transform businesses! We are hell bent on creating a vision of a compelling user experience, designing it, prototyping it, and getting ready to develop it.
We connect people through creative customer experiences for today’s world through our bespoke digital tools and audience engagement products.


We put our customers first! Each small thing we do combines calculation & creativity, form & function, analysis & intuition! And we deliver an experience that’s customer-centric and seamless across boundaries.
We pull out all the stops when it comes to our clients’ business growth. For us you are everything!We’ve designed and built hundreds of user experiences that are the hub of multichannel efforts. We support what we develop ourselves, so we get it right the first time.

Team Work

United by our love for all things digital and a passion about creating success for our clients! We understand the nuances of the digital world, know the technology, and have an extensive track record of making it work for our clients.
Together, we drive Meridian forward to ensure digital marketing solutions that create impactful business results. We are here to add value, insight & experience to your business.

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