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Secured web & email hosting at minimum costs!
Need a highly secure place to maintain your business website?
Meridian Solutions Inc is ready to help you out with our web hosting services where you’ll get great web hosting and pricing. Check out our web and email hosting options and upgrade your site with our web hosting with email. Make sure you are getting the best for your business!
Do you need the full package with your website design? Thanks to our trusted providers, we can now provide secure website hosting and email, as well as other services.



Rackspace is one of the best web hosting solutions you can rely on. Rackspace offers a fully managed cloud hosting solution and dedicated server plans. If you are in search of a single-tenant, fully-managed hosting environment, Rackspace’s dedicated hosting would be the best plan for you. You can choose either Windows or Linux as per […]

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Office 365

With Office 365, you can take your office wherever you go. Not just storing, syncing and sharing your files, it does a lot more for your business. Your business/work will get a new dimension as it helps you run your Skype business meeting effectively, protects your content with SharePoint collaboration, and many more. You will […]

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G Suite

We at Meridian Solutions Inc provide G suite services to our customers that help them with cloud storage and business mail. Our team of experienced engineers and sales team help them with proven setup and methodologies. We assist the client in all G suite services like Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Sheets, Hangout and Drive. If you […]

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Shared Web Hosting

If you are looking for the most affordable form of website hosting, our shared hosting service might be helpful for you. Shared web hosting is one of the most popular and inexpensive paid hosting options available. We offer numerous affordable shared hosting services as per your website needs. Whether it is a single page website […]

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Amazon AWS

AWS is a public cloud platform which provides solutions and services like storage, database instances and virtual machines. We help our clients enjoy all the benefits of AWS without any fuss. We have the right AWS solution to meet all your business requirements. What we do is to help our clients to transform their business […]

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VPS Hosting

Are you looking for a budget-friendly web hosting service model? If you want to meet the budding market demands and user’s desires, VPS hosting would be the best option for you. Under reasonable costs, VPS hosting would be able to provide you with greater flexibility while managing the data privacy. Being a securely managed environment, […]

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Dedicated Server

Particular space in web is what many businesses and brands are now competing for. Just having a website isn’t enough always. Businesses flourish digitally with multiple websites and platforms. For this, they have to have a platform. Dedicated servers provide vaster space for people to host multiple websites of their own. A web host can […]

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