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Awesome digital advertising for your brand! Meridian Solutions Inc partners with only the best…Your brand and your marketing challenge is our challenge to be frank! We are with you in each and everything! We link our exhaustive insight on the digital medium with killer insights coupled to genuine creative ideas to create targeted digital advertising.Fully integrated campaigns, banner ads, rich media ads, social media campaigns, email marketing, digital on-ground displays…
You name it, we do it!


Search Engine Marketing

Increase the visibility of your website in the search engine results pages! Search Engine Marketing is a form of online marketing and typically consists of website promotion to increase visibility in the 3 major search networks:- 1.Google, 2.Bing, and 3.Yahoo. Meridian Solutions Inc offers a fully integrated and holistic approach to search engine marketing which […]

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Search Engine Optimisation

Only the best can survive in today’s competitive business world! If you want your business to become the best in the market get more visitors glued to your website! Just having a website is not enough – you need to drive traffic to your site. And Meridian Solutions Inc does that and more… Get more […]

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Social Media Management & Marketing

Growing your followers on social media will help you increase your relationships with relevant people. With our social media marketing services, we ensure that your followers match the demographics, interests, and behaviors of your typical customers. As a top-line digital company, Meridian Solutions Inc creates and manages top-performing social media campaigns for businesses. Our company […]

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Newsletter with Bulk mailing Solutions Email marketing – a proven way to reach out to customers!

Bulk Email newsletters are an important tool of your email marketing platform as automated bulk email messages have higher open rates and higher click-through rates than other email campaigns. Email newsletters feature great articles on content related to your interests and this helps to engage current customers and gain email addresses of new subscribers on […]

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SMS Marketing

Now reach out to your customers within seconds with on the go with Best SMS Marketing Company Calicut from Meridian Solutions Inc! You can easily schedule and send personalized text messages with offers, tickets, discount vouchers, surveys and forms directly to your customers any time anywhere. Bulk SMS Marketing services are the most economical and […]

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E-Commerce SEO

Online platforms have become the launchpad for success in the last decade and more. A strong online presence can help your brand reach the right target audience in the quickest of times and boost sales astronomically. Online stores, e-tailing, and E-Commerce SEO services have opened the gates for wider and stronger business success. E-Commerce is […]

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Google My Business Optimization Service(GMB) or Local SEO

Did you know that search engines on the internet can help your business locally too? If you are looking to drive-in traffic from the local area of your business operation, search engine optimisation is a marketing tool for you too. In the modern world where brands, products, and services big or small are being searched […]

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