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COYA Dubai is the Dubai wing of Coya London Restaurant and brings a trace of Incan heritage into the Middle East with its impressive, contemporary Peruvian restaurant concept. COYA Dubai has since become a prevalent name for gourmets. The restaurant has served as a cultural gateway to the Andes, creating an experience that is multidimensional, multisensory and truly unique to the culinary scene of the UAE.

The Challenge

The Restaurant was ready for a change. They wanted to make their website attractive and mobile friendly. They even wanted to expand their digital strategy to maintain and improve organic search listings for their core services. Building a new consolidated site with SEO best practices in mind was their intention.


We designed a beautiful, custom, responsive website — and that’s when things really changed. After launching their mobile-friendly website, their rankings in mobile search results really took off, and more importantly, their new website made it easier for prospective customers to interact with their brand, read their menu, and ultimately call them or get reservations to the restaurant. And the sales have really gone up!

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